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Welcome to Poetic Justice


This website aims to integrate insights emerging from philosophical, political and poetic fields of knowledge, in order to explore new creative solutions for the global challenges facing us. 

Driven by a passion to bring more beauty and justice into the world, I bring an artistic twist to my interest in politics, gender, economics, spirituality and international relations. Through personal traveling, articles, blogs, photography, interviews and diverse forms of creative journalism, this website takes a deep dive into investigating some of the most pressing questions of our time.

My life work is a continual journey, a stumbling experiment, and an ode to the untamable power of beauty. Welcome...




"Vanessa possesses the spirit of compassion, a gift for intellectual inquiry, and an instinct for beauty. Her work and writing is born of the same."
    ~Diane Musho Hamilton, Gifted Facilitator, Award-Winning Mediator and Zen Teacher








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