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"Vanessa is a much needed voice in this time of global awakening. With her clarity and strength of vision, her poetic sensibility combined with intellectual rigor, she brings the wisdom of a new generation into focus and radiance." 


 ~Velcrow Ripper, Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker of Scared Sacred, Cinematic Activist, Evolutionary Agent



Vanessa D. Fisher is an independent scholar, published writer, poet, and public speaker. She has a keen interest in international issues as they intersect with art, politics, gender, economics, culture, and spirituality.




          Interviewing the British Chief of Staff in Kathmandu, Nepal




In her early twenties, Vanessa completed her bachelors degree in Religion, Literature, and the Arts from the University of British Columbia and pursued her career as an author and public speaker on issues of gender, sexuality, pop culture, and spirituality. At age twenty-six, her passion for adventure and her desire to bridge cross-cultural connections brought her to live in South Korea, which was the first stop of her nomadic pilgrimage around the world.




         Teaching in Seoul, South Korea




Vanessa's writing has been featured in mainstream magazines and academic journals, including The Huffington Post, Ascent Magazine, Kosmos Journal, Elephant Journal, Reality Sandwich, Shambhala Publications, Beams and Struts Magazine, Globalish, Invoke Magazine, Lightwaves, The Journal for Research on Mothering, and The Journal for Integral Theory and Practice, among others.

Vanessa is also the co-editor and co-author of the anthology Integral Voices on Sex, Gender & Sexuality: Critical Inquiries, published by SUNY Press.        


You can also follow her YouTube channel specifically dedicated to exploring her most recent work exploring sex and gender issues       




"Vanessa is a very important voice in a new generation of thinkers and change agents. She combines integral ideas with her own important insights to arrive at some very unique observations. Check this girl out!"


  ~Ken Wilber, Philosopher, Author of the Integral Vision





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