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 Poetic Justice Dialogue Series

Poetic Justice Dialogue Series is an independent free interview series launched in March of 2012.


"Vanessa has an open heart and a bold spirit with a deeply pulsating

interest towards contemporary and global issues. As an interview

hostess, she prepares her topics well and knows her subject deeply. She is able to create a space of ease that allows both her and her guest to go deeper into the topic at hand. I'm very grateful for the interview conversation she facilitated with me, looking at some of the most pressing issues facing women in the Middle East."

  ~Elza Maalouf, Founder of Global Feminine, Co-Founder of Center for Human Emergence in the Middle East



Below is a list of the interviewes I've conducted thus far--starting with the most recent. Click on the linked title for each dialogue below to view the full description and listen to the free interview.



I've also recently uploaded all my dialogues into a new itunes account, so if you'd like to get automatic updates everytime a new dialogue is uploaded, you can do so in one click by subscribing to my iTunes Poetic Justice Podcast.





*Overcoming the Barriers Facing Men & Fathers in the Workplace

     An Interview with Josh Levs









*Burq Off!

Comedy, Provocation, and the Female Face of Islamic Reform

     An Interview With Nadia P. Manzoor









*Charting a Course for the Next Renaissance:

Geopolitics, Diplomacy & Shifting Powers in the 21st Century

     An Interview with Parag Khanna 









An Unorthodox Inquiry into Women's Sexuality, Power & the Law

      An Interview with Diane Musho Hamilton









*The Alchemy of Global Economics

      An Interview with David E. Martin









*Good Girls Aren't Funny:

Unlocking Women's Leadership through Comedy & Improv Theatre

     An Interview with Holly Mandel








*Navigating the "Post-Employment" Economy: 

 A Deeper Look into the Crisis of Higher Education
     An Interview with Sarah Kendzior








*The Missing Myth:

A New Vision of Same-Sex Love

    An Interview with Gilles Herrada








*Prisoner of Tehran:

A Woman's Journey of Survival in an Iranian Prison

    An Interview with Marina Nemat








*Dancing with the Shadow:

A Deep Dive into the Many Layers of Self

    An Interview with Bonnitta Roy








*The Path of Conscious Hip-hop:

Unveiling Spirit through Music, Street life & Service

    An Interview with Jakub Evolved







*Revisioning Men's Worth:

A Critical Exploration of the Challenges and Opportunities Facing Men & Masculinity in the New Millenium

    An Interview with Mark Forman







*For the Love of Social Change:

A Call to 21st Century Political Leadership

    An Interview with Marianne Williamson







*Global Grassroots Conscious Social Change for Women: Supporting Healing, Empowerment & Sustainable Leadership in Post-war Africa

An Interview with Gretchen Steidle Wallace








*What is Postmodernism:

Understanding our Relationship to Social Media through the Prism of History, Philosophy & Popular Culture

    An Interview with Thomas De Zengotita








*The Rise of the Imagination Age:

How Virtual Worlds are Transforming Education and Global Culture

    An Interview with Rita J. King







*The Future of Islam in the Age of New Media

    An Interview with Amir Ahmed Nasr







*Occupy Love:

A Journey to the Heart of Global Revolution

    An Interview with Velcrow Ripper







*Democratizing Sexuality through the Arab Spring:

An Experts' View on the Emerging Mythology Unfolding for Women in the Middle East

    An Interview with Elza Maalouf







*Discovering the Sacred in El Salvador:

Re-Envisioning Christianity and the Enneagram as Vehicles of Social-Spiritual Activism

    An Interview with Leslie Flood Hershberger







*A Recipe for Change:

Integrating African Spirituality and Social Activism

    An Interview with Rose Sackey-Milligan




*A special shout out to Dan McKinnon for his generous financial contribution that allowed me to get this dialogue series off the ground~ Thank you!

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