The Heart's Demand

I lay in bed
and listen to the roar of thunder

until sound
gives way to silence
and silence moves Her voice
from the shadows

I fall
and lower
and lower...

until time caves to memory
and memory yields to poetry

and breath
becomes fire
submitting my heart
to the burning ache
of its own internal demand

the heat becomes erotic
and unbearable
before I touch the ground
and remember

not to turn away
not to forget

Love leaves no one behind.

~ Vanessa D. Fisher, 2013



Death’s Heartbeat


Death makes it hard to remember
where I came from
or where I am going

a disorienting clarity that comes
when I stop fighting myself
when I ease into the stillborn breath
of death’s retreat
There are no false comforts here
only the echo of emptiness
hanging with anticipation
on a moment that has displaced itself from time
I find a new love
for the cold sharp edges of truth
they cut through all the markers of my seeming youth
and reveal in my heart an ancient burning
that has traveled to this moment
from the distant past of a bursting star
The space around me pulses
collapses and expands
the moon eclipses my mind
until there is nothing left behind
I kiss the lips of faith
a seamless face
and wonder who will lay with me tonight
amidst this deep
who will surrender to the quiet thunder
of death’s heartbeat.


~Vanessa D. Fisher, 2010



The Thin Thread of Truth

There's a thin thread of truth
that ignites my body
into fire

It dwells in my belly
and roars up my spine

It grabs hold at my throat
rolling flames over rhymes

It makes me speak…
out of turn
And walk...
out of line

It has a single anchor
to my heart
running wild

There is no perfect dance
with its flame
divine fire


It is a deep shake

a belly ache

a leap of faith

a swallowing of heat
at the feet
of Desire


~Vanessa D. Fisher, 2013








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