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"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

~Pablo Picasso





I created this section to give people a sample of some of the intellectual and artistic work I've done so far. Below, you will find links to selected interviews, articles, blog entries and poetry. Click on the linked title to view the item. You can also follow my Youtube channel for my latest work on sex and gender issues.


For a full list of all my media and publications, visit my Media & Publications page.





Exposing the Barriers Facing Fathers in the Workplace


An Interview with best-selling author Josh Levs that I conducted on YouTube




Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance: 

Geo-politics, Diplomacy & Shifting Powers in the 21st Century


An Interview with best-selling Author Parag Khanna that I conducted on Poetic Justice Dialogue Series




Stripped: A Look Inside the Life and History of Exotic Dancing


by Vanessa D. Fisher

Publisher: Metapsychosis Journal




 The Thin Thread of Truth (poem)


by Vanessa D. Fisher

Publisher: Invoke Magazine




Turbulent: An Audio-Visual Metaphor for Iranian Gender Roles


by Vanessa D. Fisher

Publisher: Globalish (October 2014)




The Alchemy of Global Economics


An Interview with Economist David E. Martin that I conducted on my Poetic Justice Dialogue Series





Black Fire: Women, Tattoos & The Transformative Power of Body Art


by Vanessa D. Fisher

Publisher: Reality Sandwich (May 2014)




Confronting Death and Unmasking Suicide


by Vanessa D. Fisher

Publisher: Elephant Journal




The Flame of Madness


Radio Interview on my views about madness, mental illness, trauma and spiritual development conducted by Cindy-Lou Griffith

Stark Raven Radio (January 2013)



My Descent into Hell and What it Taught Me About Beauty


by Vanessa D. Fisher

Publisher: The Huffington Post (April 2012)



Unfolding the Dark Side of Art: A Journey Through Movement and Dance


An Interview I conducted with Internationally Acclaimed Performance Artist Margie Gillis on my Poetic Justice Dialogue Series









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