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Integral Voices on Sex, Gender & Sexuality

Critical Inquiries




This volume takes a unique approach to the question of what it is to be a gendered, sexual self in a postmodern world, offering insights informed by the integral paradigm of theory and practice. This book includes both prominent theorists and practitioners of integral theory, as well as critics of the integral paradigm.



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With the inquiry into sex, gender, and sexuality having become so broad and diverse within both academia and popular culture, the integral approach offers a way to help sift through and make sense of the cacophony of theories and agendas that seek to stake their ground in this collective conversation.




Informed by the work of thinkers such as Sri Aurobindo, Gregory Bateson, Jean Gebser, Ervin Laszlo, and, most directly, Ken Wilber, the Integral approach acknowledges and works with multiple and contradictory experiences, theories, and realities. Dealing with a variety of topics, including feminism, the men’s movement, sexual identity, queer history, and spirituality, the work’s contributors speak from across the spectrum of personal and political backgrounds, academic and practitioner orientations, and male and female perspectives. The combination of voices aims to bring forward a more complex and integrated understanding of what it means to be woman, man, human.



For a preview of some of the content of our anthology, check out and listen to the Free Dialogue Interviews I hosted with some of our book contributors





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